The All Canadian Seaside Tour of 2017    

Join us on a unique tour of beautiful St Andrews-by-the-Sea, Canada's Premier Seasise Resort, as we commemorate our country's 150th birthday.

Upon arrival, you will spend a comfortable night at Tara Manor Inn, once owned by one of our fathers of Confederation.  An outdoor pool, hot tub and tennis courts are available on the beautifully landscaped grounds. After enjoying a hearty breakfast there the following morning, you will be picked up by Turtle Shore Adventures' 4WD Jeep, where your host and driver, Genny Simard, will take you around all the major sites full of captivating stories. You will learn how our town was founded, and how fortunes were made and lost. Quirky stories of sailors, shipbuilders, smugglers, murderers, lighthouse keepers and wealthy business dealers will entertain you as you explore the area. A visit to the old Gaol and haunted courthouse will take you back to the early 1800's.

Around noon, you will enjoy a scrumptious picnic style lunch right on the beach of the Blockhouse, built for the war of 1812, which also served as the summer home of another father of Confederation. From there, you will have a gorgeous view of the harbour and Navy Island as you savour locally prepared meals.  At low tide, our comfortable Jeep will cross the ocean floor to take you to Ministers Island for a tour of Sir William Van Horne's summer estate. As Canada's innovative railway builder, Mr Van Horne fell in love with the island and built a 50-room home with many other houses and a unique barn to sustain his family and workers. You will be allowed to visit most buildings and enjoy the many trails either by foot, or by using our set of mountain bikes. Who knows what wildlife will come and greet you during your visit; many bald eagles, white tailed deer, eider ducks, and more call this island home. Our Jeep is equipped with binoculars and identification guides, and your host is an experienced biologist who can introduce you to all the intertidal animals of the bay. A beachwalk is always a good way to end the day in St Andrews-by-the-Sea!

‚ÄčThis full-day package, with a one-night stay, breakfast and lunch included, can be yours starting at $699 + tax for 2 people.

Call for availability, and for pricing for additional people (we can accommodate up to 4 people per tour). 


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