Need a team building activity? 

Need someone to guide your group?

​Need something fun off season?

(We all have needs!)

We have something

for everyone!

Whether you have a small group, or a large number of guests, we

can design a tour or an activity from one to several hours,

with or without a meal. Simply email us for more

information and details on the costs. We will be more than happy

to make suggestions to enhance your experience.

Here are a few suggestions

(We just LOVE them!)

The Great St Andrews Challenge  

In need of some team building activities? How about the craziest team race around town or within your hotel to see who can conquer the most obstacles, including silly games and quirky challenges. Or perhaps a competitive Rube Goldberg contest, where each team has to put together a contraption using everyday items, to achieve a specific task.

Our itineraries can be custom designed for different group sizes, and can done either outdoors or indoors. Laughing guaranteed!

duration: 1.0 to 3.0 hrs

Reservations required​. Call for rates.

Step-on Guide Services  (Bus Tours)

Your entertaining guide will step onboard and tour town with your guests, including the sites that are important to our history. Hear the fascinating stories from the people who have shaped this community over the centuries.  Your guide will take your coach around the peninsula, stepping off to enjoy a visit to the old gaol and courthouse, Blockhouse, and one of the historical churches. Reservations required. Call for rates.

Tantalizing Tasting Trail

Taste buds, get ready! A character from the past will take your group on a hike of St Andrews' historical district, while making several stops along the way at very unique and savory businesses that offer amazing local products. Such stops include a chocolate producer, a local brewery, an olive oil retailer, a specialty food caterer and a coffee shop. You will be able to sample all the foods and drinks of your choice, and have a chance to learn more about our local produce. You will also have the opportunity to make purchases to bring those wonderful tastes back home. Call for rates.

The Amazing Storyteller 

Let a character from the past entertain your group around a fire, by telling long-lost stories and legends from the area. Maybe a ghost or two will show their presence!

Or enjoy the unique life story of cool local animals such as the American lobster. Part comedy, part nature show, laughing is guaranteed!

duration: 1.0 to 1.5 hrs

Reservations required​. Call for rates.