Wild Coastal Hike    $35\pers 

​                 (under 8 yrs old free)     

This walk will take you on a relaxing hike down the intertidal beach at low tide with scientific tools to discover marine life.  Explore under the rocks and seaweed, and observe seabirds searching for their lunch right next to the wharf. Our passionate biologist will certainly share her enthusiasm with all of you!

Duration: 1.5 to 2.0 hrs

Reservations required; Check our daily low tide schedule for departure times​​

Guided walks

Tall Tales and Legends    $35\pers 

​                 (under 8 yrs old free)     

Great stories from the past will amaze you! Hear the tales of how this town came together. Your guide will take you on a fascinating tour of the historical district, and visit some key sites. Maybe a ghost or two will reveal themselves!

Duration: 1.5 to 2.0 hrs​​​

Wild Delica-Sea Tour


$455 2 people

$505  3 people

$555 4 people

Explore our beautiful coast while learning about wild edible foods. Our knowledgeable biologist will let you taste a variety of plants and seafoods, while showing you how to prepare them. Then relax, and enjoy a carefree meal on the beach, lovingly prepared by local businesses, using local ingredients or methods. You couldn't ask for a better way to discover what nature has offered local people for centuries!

duration: 3 to 4 hrs

Reservations required. Offered on available low-tide times. Please call us to book your unique experience.

Tour Packages:

(taxes not included)


in our convertible Jeep

Jeep Experience    $139  up to 4 people 

Our experienced driver will take you on an exciting trip to reveal amazing stories from our town in our comfortable 4WD Jeep.  Smuggling, hangings, storms and great fires... We have it all, from the historic district to around the scenic peninsula. Get a glimpse of the past and admire gorgeous views along our coast.​

duration: 1 to 1.5 hr

Reservations recommended.

Marine Life Excursion    $199 up to 4 people


Local wildlife awaits your visit! Our biologist will take you on a Jeep ride and beach walk to explore the fauna and flora on the intertidal zone. Take a look through the microscope to see the smallest animals of the bay. Use our binoculars to discover the beautiful seabirds visiting our coast. Find out amazing facts about all life forms, while getting a chance to handle them yourself!

duration: 2.0 hrs

Reservations required; Check our daily low tide schedule for departure times